Turnover Updated: New Graphics Setting & Bug Fixes

Turnover has been updated to v1.0.858. This update revamps the render quality setting and fixes a few bugs.

Render Quality Setting

The render quality setting has been changed to three choices:

  • Half Resolution: The game will be rendered at half the window resolution and will be scaled up to match the window resolution. This setting will reduce video RAM usage at an image quality loss. This can be useful if you are running a very old video card or an old on-board video chipset and need to increase performance.
  • 1:1 Resolution: The game will be rendered at the same resolution as the window resolution. This is considered the standard setting.
  • Double Resolution: The game will be rendered at double the window resolution, then scaled down to match the window resolution. This will consume more video RAM and require more processing power, but will give the best image quality.

Here is an example of the quality differences:

1920x1080 at Half Resolution

1920x1080 at 1:1 Resolution

1920x1080 at Double Resolution

Full Changelog

  • Changed/All: Changed "Render Quality" in Options to "Render Resolution". Half Display Resolution, 1:1 Display Resolution, and Double Display Resolution are the new choices for game render quality.
  • Fixed/All: Fixed a text alignment issue with the Save Slot selection dialog.
  • Fixed/All: Fixed a couple of tiny memory leaks.
  • Fixed/All: Minor performance optimizations.

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